Rae’s Animator

Rae's animator

Rae's perpetually nameless animator (working draft).

Here’s the current sprite for Rae’s animator. I’m not 100% happy with it yet, so I’d appreciate some feedback. And yes, he’s supposed to look like Rae. Olivier commented on how similar they look in episode 4.


Intelligence: The Game


My current image for Rae.

I really didn’t want to end the ASCIImated series I’d been making, so I’ve decided to make it into a game. A pixely, retro game, since I doubt many people would appreciate ASCII graphics as much as I and the other people on ASCIImator do. So I started messing with pixel art in The GIMP, and with some input from my sister, came up with the image you see at the right.  I think she’s looking pretty good, and I’ll work on the image for her animator (maybe programmer, I’m not sure how much of the story I’ll change) next.  He’ll look similar, but a boy.  He’ll wear different colored clothes, and maybe his hair will be very dark brown instead of black.  I have a lot of different characters to draw, and all their walking/running/jumping/anything else you can think of animations to make.  So it’ll take a while.

Me vs. The Cicadas

This year, the 13 year cicadas are out of the ground to mate, lay eggs, and die.  They’ve been getting louder over the last week or two, after we first caught sight of them climbing trees at night to moult.  And as I learned two days ago, they also enjoy attacking me while I use the weed wacker.  These little guys are relentless – they go out of their way to land on me.  I know they’re harmless, and if I’m doing anything else, I actually like them.  But the weed wacker sounds a lot like them, and I can only assume they want to mate with it so they can get on with laying eggs and dying.  They fly into me from every angle.  I’m pretty sure one made it half-way up the back of my shirt, some of them fly into my face, and one actually landed on my mouth.  I try not to hurt them, but sometimes they fly directly into the death zone.  One thing I can say is at least they don’t splatter when that happens.  And I admit, they do give me a fair warning before they fly into me; their loud cry of “CREEEE!” that fills the air at all times is more directed towards me a second before they strike.

Might get to the my blog.

I said I’d call my eventual blog “The My Blog”, and I did. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that I actually did get to the my blog, like x11r5 said he might. Which makes me, I suppose, one step better than a robot. Now I need to listen to some Bach to feel better. Heh, with any luck, I’ll become a better writer using this my blog.  I should find any excuse to do more typing anyway, since I have a very nice keyboard now.