Intelligence: The Game


My current image for Rae.

I really didn’t want to end the ASCIImated series I’d been making, so I’ve decided to make it into a game. A pixely, retro game, since I doubt many people would appreciate ASCII graphics as much as I and the other people on ASCIImator do. So I started messing with pixel art in The GIMP, and with some input from my sister, came up with the image you see at the right.  I think she’s looking pretty good, and I’ll work on the image for her animator (maybe programmer, I’m not sure how much of the story I’ll change) next.  He’ll look similar, but a boy.  He’ll wear different colored clothes, and maybe his hair will be very dark brown instead of black.  I have a lot of different characters to draw, and all their walking/running/jumping/anything else you can think of animations to make.  So it’ll take a while.


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