Screw-up Corrected

The new, different SATA controller got here two days ago.  This one didn’t come with any cables, so I just used the ones that we already had, which necessitated turning the one with a 90° connector around.  I turned the computer off, plugged it in, and connected the hard drives to it.  This time, I knew where in the BIOS settings to turn off the on-board SATA controller, and after doing that, the card’s BIOS screen showed that it actually does have RAID capabilities, although the Newegg page about it didn’t mention RAID anywhere.  But unlike the other one, it also works as a non-RAID SATA controller card, and the system booted just fine and has been working without a hiccup since then.  I just hope we don’t have another problem with this computer that can be fixed with a card, because we now have no free slots on this motherboard.


Well, I screwed up.

Yep, I made a big mistake.  I picked out a SATA card that I thought would do what we wanted, and also had RAID capabilities.  But, as it turns out, it is just a SATA RAID controller, and it can’t be used without RAID.  So now we have to return the card to Newegg and pick out another one.  I swear, the page about the card made it look like it would be a normal SATA controller, and also do RAID, which we wouldn’t use.  But it wouldn’t boot when I plugged our two hard drives into it, even though it detected them.  Its BIOS screen had only options involving RAID, though, so now I’m upset with myself.

On an unrelated note, it’ll be a few days until I can work on anything Intelligence-related much.