Randomly Dithered Images

At this point, I don’t remember what put this idea in my head. I recently started thinking about what would happen if I displayed an image by generating random numbers and comparing those numbers to the values of the pixels. I figured that it wouldn’t look very good, and with a bit of searching, my suspicions were confirmed. Then I thought that it might look better if it’s drawn repeatedly, as quickly as possible. First I thought of doing this in black and white, but then I realized color would be just as easily possible. So last night, instead of trying to sleep like a normal human, I got hacking. The result is horribly error-prone and horribly inefficient, but it works. You can download the source code from GitHub. Instructions for compiling and usage can be found in a comment above the main function in the code.

I’ll give you a moment to look at your porn in 3 bit glory test it out on some images.

I might try displaying things that way with my Beaglebone, when it arrives. I’m getting a tiny black and white 1″ diagonal OLED screen to connect to it, and I’d like to see how the ‘bone can handle something like that.

Okay, I’d better end this post now. Just after writing that, the Beaglebone arrived. Extreme excitement time!


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