Almost my birthday; what now?

Tomorrow is my 16th birthday.  I have to do a quiz on subject/verb agreement and run-on sentences (how sarcastically frightening).  There was a chance I’d get stuck at school for about four hours with nothing to do.  Apparently the transmission place didn’t bolt the engine in either car in place properly, but Dad fixed it all fancy-like.  I know some things I’ll be getting, or at least asked for, but a lot is still a mystery.  As far as I know, not much in the way of a party is going to happen at all.  Meh, I guess I don’t really want anything special to happen, really.  I don’t really like asking for things, or getting things without having to give things in return, or anything like that.  Is that weird?  I assume it isn’t totally abnormal, at least.  Oh well, I’ll try to do some coding now, then go to sleep.  I’ll have to type quietly, because I’d have hell to pay if I kept Dad awake with the clacking.  This thing clacks like hell even though it’s just a dinky little rubber dome keyboard.   I think most of the noise is caused by the keys being slightly loose, but a good part also comes from me hitting them really hard.  Man this has turned into a total ramble.  I guess it’s time to post without proofreading and hope for the best.



That’s really all there is to say on the matter.

Time for New Sprites!

A newer version of Rae's animator.

He looks different from Rae now, yay!

A newer version of Rae

She's shorter now, and looks much better.

My sister is a really great artist, and I’ve gotten her to do the graphics for Intelligence.  Here are the new sprites for Rae and the animator, based on the old ones.  They look way better now, don’t you think?  Plus, I’ve decided on a scale for everything. 32 pixels = 1 meter.  And because of that scale, they’re shorter now.  If they hadn’t been made shorter, they both would’ve been very, very tall, and I can’t say that I want that.

Getting the http:// back in Firefox 7

I updated to Firefox 7 today, and noticed that my old friend, the http:// at the beginning of all URLs, was gone from the URL bar.  Looking through the release notes, they mentioned this, but not how to get it back.  I started poking around in about:config, and found my answer.  Instructions follow.

  1. Open a new tab
  2. Enter “about:config” in the URL bar.
  3. Type “trimurls” into the “Filter:” bar.
  4. Double-click “browser.urlbar.trimurls”
  5. ???
  6. Profit

It’s that easy.  I don’t mind the graying of the URL added in Firefox 6 so much, but removing an important part of it from view is simply unacceptable. is still down.

I’ve missed out on so many great potential dents.  I wonder what new features StatusNet 1.0 will give me.  They claim it should be back up tomorrow, and I hope they’re right.

Game Gears: fixed!

I finally got around to replacing the bad capacitors in my sister’s Sega Game Gear, as well as my own.  I ordered the replacement capacitors from Mouser on Monday, and they arrived Thursday.  Most of yesterday I was removing old ones, cleaning up the boards, and soldering the new ones in place.  I also got some white LEDs, with which I plan to do some backlighting experiments soon.  I got two different types, one brighter, the other less focused.  I’ll have to try it with both to see which I like more, but I’m guessing it’ll be the less focused one.  I could also try diffusing them in various ways, such as sandpaper, a translucent plastic tube (white drinking straw!) between them, etc.

I had forgotten how much I liked my Game Gear.  I got it for Christmas when I was…6-ish?…years old, I think.  We have tons of games for those things (do not be fooled, Sonic 2 is nothing like the Genesis version), and about a year ago we found the two player link cable for them, so now that both consoles are working, we can finally play games against each other.  In related news, my sister kicks my ass at Mortal Kombat.  That game, or at least the Game Gear version of it, is extremely esoteric.  She figured out how to shoot some weird rings at me, and all I could do is kick and punch.  Oh well, maybe DuckDuckGo can help me figure out that crazy game.

So much for that.

Turns out this week is busier for me than I expected.  It’s already Wednesday, and I’ve done no work to Intelligence.  Also, I’ve realized I want the game to have single-player and co-op modes, and to make that easier, I think I’ll use the client-server model for both modes.  So that means I’ll probably have to do threading, which Allegro 5 can fortunately do (if C1X were done, I could use built-in threading, but C1X isn’t done).  More things have popped up for later in the week, so I doubt I’ll be able to work on Intelligence much at all.  Maybe next week, if I’m lucky.