Almost my birthday; what now?

Tomorrow is my 16th birthday.  I have to do a quiz on subject/verb agreement and run-on sentences (how sarcastically frightening).  There was a chance I’d get stuck at school for about four hours with nothing to do.  Apparently the transmission place didn’t bolt the engine in either car in place properly, but Dad fixed it all fancy-like.  I know some things I’ll be getting, or at least asked for, but a lot is still a mystery.  As far as I know, not much in the way of a party is going to happen at all.  Meh, I guess I don’t really want anything special to happen, really.  I don’t really like asking for things, or getting things without having to give things in return, or anything like that.  Is that weird?  I assume it isn’t totally abnormal, at least.  Oh well, I’ll try to do some coding now, then go to sleep.  I’ll have to type quietly, because I’d have hell to pay if I kept Dad awake with the clacking.  This thing clacks like hell even though it’s just a dinky little rubber dome keyboard.   I think most of the noise is caused by the keys being slightly loose, but a good part also comes from me hitting them really hard.  Man this has turned into a total ramble.  I guess it’s time to post without proofreading and hope for the best.


A Clean Keyboard is a Happy Keyboard

I noticed dust between the keys in my keyboard, and so I decided to take them all off and give the whole thing a good cleaning.  I wiped all the dust off, and was a bit surprised by how much dirt had settled between them in under six months.  It’s pretty gross when you think about it, and what’s worse is that all that came from your hands.  You use those things to put food in your mouth, and all that crap in your keyboard is from them.  Maybe we should all start eating candy bars with utensils.

The keyboard is back together now, and I’ll probably try to work on the Intelligence game this week.  If I’m lucky, I might be able to get levels to load, and have Rae walk around in them (well, slide around, since I don’t have any animations yet).  Allegro 5 seems like a nice library, and though I know very little about it, I’ve decided to use it for this project.  I’m even the package maintainer for it in the AUR.  I really think it should be in [community], but it’s not.  Not that I mind, since I get to maintain it, but it seems too important to be in the AUR.  But I digress.  I’ve made my decision.  I want to have a basic level loadable by next Sunday, and I’ll try to post more stuff on here than I have been.