Terrible Consequences

I drilled the mounting holes for the BeagleBone today.  I also completely forgot that there was felt in the bottom of the box, and drilled right through into the felt.  The consequences were not really what I’d consider terrible, but the felt did come unglued and wrap around the drill bit.  It’s needless to say that the particular hole I was drilling came out somewhat larger than the others after it.

Then I realized I didn’t know how I’d mark where the connector holes would go.  The connectors were right against the front of the box, but in the inside; I’d need to get them in the same position but on the outside.  Using my human ingenuity, I decided to use the BeagleBone as a stamp.  Yes, a stamp.  With an ink pad and everything.  Like a rubber stamp, except metal and plastic.  It worked fairly well, but the client USB connector wasn’t marking anything at all.  Then, at my mom’s suggestion, I tried stamping it with the paper on a mousepad, and that got excellent results.  I stamped it on tissue paper so it could be seen clearly from the other side, and I used that to help mark the locations of the holes on the box itself.

I then drilled center holes for all three connectors, and made the real hole for the power connector.  It being about 11:00 PM by then, I realized I should go to bed before I seriously messed something up.  Besides, I’m going to take the driving test tomorrow, and I want a good night’s sleep first.  After I get back from the test, I’ll get some pictures of the box on here before trying to finish the job.  In case you didn’t figure it out, I’m awfully excited about this little computer.